We leverage urban big data to present applicable products and solutions with the common good on our minds.


Our Vision

IONTERRA is driven by the mission of making the world better, every day. We are deeply passionate about building a successful company in addition to work for the common good. We chose to undertake one of the most demanding big data analysis problems - to leverage, make sense and provide applicable insights from high scale visual data.

Our Technology

Collecting a city’s vital information to make the city a smart-city is an expensive proposition. This is because contemporary data collection relies exclusively on fixed sensors, which require installation and constant maintenance. Additionally, these sensors are limited, as they are dedicated to single tasks.

IonTerra’s rtCVI™ Technology detects, collects and analyzes urban information in real-time, city-wide, with the mobile phone’s camera or a connected car’s built-in on-board camera , Coupled with the power of crowd sourcing, IonTerra has disrupted the way data is collected and analyzed, serves “Smart Cities” and commercial entities with important data for increasing revenues and improving operations

Core Offerings

Simplify the collection and distribution

Street Parking
Road Condition
Pedestrian Counting
Public Transportation
Burnt / Unused Street Lights
Advertising Validation

IonTerra’s system eliminates the costs and expenses associated with currently existing dedicated hardware-accelerated fixed sensors, including the high costs of purchasing, installing, and maintaining these sensors.

Making Progress


Live In Tel Aviv!


Planned for Berlin, Warsaw and Vienna


Integration with European service provider


Integrating into the connected car


Our source of pride!

Finalists in the Four Years From Now Awards (4YFN Awards, IoT track) at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona!
Alumni of the prestige Challenge Up! IoT accelerator by Deutsche Telekom, Cisco and Intel
Regional Winner of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) 2015, representing Bavaria
Named by “Calcalist” newspaper as one of the 10 most promising startups of 2015
IonTerraTM is collaborating with leading companies such as T -Systems, part of Deutsche Telekom, and RWE, one of the largest utilities in Germany, and with others for providing a Smart City data collecting solution. In the first phase Smart Parking information is collected by IonTerraTM and provided to a management system.
IonTerraTM is partnering with several major automotive OEMs for Proof of Concept (PoC) tests. The PoC is the first step towards integration into connected cars.

Core Team

Experience, Knowledge and Passion

Ronen Korman


Holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Haifa. Over 20 years of leadership experience in the Israeli HiTech industry.

Ehud Spiegel

VP Technology

Over 25 years of innovation leadership. VP for mobile & web solutions at various companies (Catch Media, AutoMedia, Mobixell Networks, Zlango, Mobilliance).

Dr. Yoram Elichai

VP Computer Vision

Computer vision expert with vast experience in the industry (Vimatix, XTR3D,MyChic).

Thorsten Buchmeier

VP Sales & BD

Senior Business Development and Sales Executive with over 20 years of experience ranging from developing start-ups to leading worldwide global sales teams.

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